9 Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

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I love sharing my best travel tips, and I also love hearing what others find important for traveling with little ones. Today we have Kiley, who shares her best 9 tips for traveling with young kids.


Contrary to popular belief children can be the best travel buddies you will ever find. Everything is an adventure, everything is new and exciting when you’re seeing a child experience it for the first time.

Whether you are going on a big family holiday, and you know you’ll be on babysitting duties for your cousins or you’re taking your own brood away with you, these tips can make your life so much easier.

So take a deep breath and relax, after all, it’s your holiday too.

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9 Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

Fly on their routine
When booking your flights, think about the timings of the flights as they relate to the day.

We all want to get the cheapest air fares, but when traveling with tots, it’s worth paying a little extra so that you fly at a time that suits their routine. For long-haul flights, try and book a take off in the early evening so once the excitement of taking off has subsided they’ll be ready for bed time.

Likewise, with short haul flights try to book them early in the day, or around nap time, so they’ll sleep during the flight.


Tech Savvy Tots
If your long haul flight is longer than their night’s sleep, now is the time to stock up on entertainment for the young ones before you fly. With real-life adventures waiting for you on the other end, there is no harm in giving your kids a bit of screen time on the journey.

Apps have been designed to keep every age range happy, engaged and learning. Find an app or easy-to-access tech tool to keep your kids busy throughout the flight.


Avoid Sweets
Just because it’s holiday time doesn’t mean that you should let your kids have a free-for-all at the duty-free chocolate section.

Even if it’s been said that sugar doesn’t really make kids hyper, it definitely gets them excited. Make the whole travel affair super chilled out and the sweet treats can come once you’ve landed. Use it as a bribe for good behavior if you must.


Stay Somewhere with Something for Them
So the tech on the plane is all in place but once you land you need to keep your tots on their toes. As much as we all loved laying around in the sun, keeping kids busy and entertained makes for a less stressful vacation.

This comes down to where you go. It doesn’t make much sense to travel for leisure with kids to a huge metropolitan area. They won’t enjoy the galleries or culture, and it’d be hard to keep track of them.

Instead, go somewhere that caters to them, For this, a family all-inclusive makes sense. There are kids clubs, water sports, buffets, family-activities, and more. Just make sure you don’t opt for the adults-only resorts. The difference should be obvious, but this mistake has been made before.


Ask for Their Help
As little as they are, get them involved in the vacation planning process, they’ll be on board for pretty much anything and it’ll give them something to look forward to in the quieter moments.

Keeping a steady reel of activities ready for them will keep them happy and engaged on holiday, so you should communicate with them and find out what they want to do with their time.


Encourage Them to Explore
Whether you’re camping on the Cornish coast or road tripping through America, encouraging your kids to explore adds so much value to the traveling experience for them and for you.

Exploring with your kids, be it digging for shells on the beach, snorkeling or racing up a hill to see who can catch the first glimpse of the view, keeps them learning and is a great chance for you to bond as a family.

These memories from holidaying as kids stay with you for life, so make sure your children’s first memories of life abroad are perfect.


Let Them Get Snap Happy
Gone are the days when we had to stand over the children when they were using the camera to make sure they didn’t use up all the film taking the same picture of a bug over and over again.

Hand the camera over to them and let them capture the world as they see it. Life at three feet tall can be pretty interesting.

When you get home they can select the photos they want to print out and share with their friends or hang on the wall. Their own little masterpieces are a gorgeous reminder of your family holiday.

If they are lost for inspiration write a list of things they need to take a photo of but zoom in really close. Then once they’re finished sit down together and guess which photo is what object!


Pack the Pull Ups
For the potty training youngsters out there a family vacation need not stunt progress. Although the change in routine and environment may cause a few accidents to occur this can be easily avoided by stocking up on pull up pants that will buy you time when they’re on the search for the potty.

These are particularly good for the plane when there may be long queues for the toilets.


Keep Your Cool
Parents and guardians can get stressed out when dealing with the responsibility of traveling with kids. You need to make sure you have perspective on this.

These kids are excited. They’re going on vacation. Time for you to lighten up and have a good time too.


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Kiley Morrow is a travel/lifestyle blogger from Ocean City, MD. She has a passion for seeing new places and writing about it. Everyone has a story to tell, this is hers. Contact her at: kileyjmorrow@gmail.com





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