Legoland Discovery Center, Westchester

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In this house, we love the Lego Brand. We actually just got the Lego Batman Movie DVD (and watched it on a recent car trip) and we were so lucky to have visited Legoland Florida twice this past winter. I do miss my New York family that migrated south to Orlando, but having cousins in Florida does have its perks! So use Lego-lovers were so excited to be invited to revisit the Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester, New York to spend a day riding, building and exploring!

Legoland Discovery Center, Westchester Review! #Lego #travel #family #legoland

Legoland Discovery Center

This was our third visit to the Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester, New York (LDC), and our first one since baby girl was tall enough for all of the good attractions! The LDC is located in Yonkers, at the Ridge Hill Shopping Center (which is an awesome shopping center unto itself). It took us about an hour to drive there from the South Shore of Long Island where we live.

We arrived at LDC around 11am on a Wednesday morning. There is a parking garage adjacent to the LDC entrance. For reference, it’s called the North Otis Parking garage, as the Ridge Hill center is large and spread out. This is the garage closest to LDC, and it costs $3 to park for the day.

When you arrive at the LDC, you are greeted in true Lego-brand style. There are Legos for kids to build with while the grown-ups wait in line to pay. The attendant at the register was super friendly, as was all of the staff, which is the type of service we are accustomed to at Lego parks!

Legoland Discovery Center, Westchester Review! #Lego #travel #family #legoland

The first three exhibits you visit one at a time. First you enter a waiting room for the Kingdom Quest ride. Here kids can explore the interactive exhibits, such as How many Lego Bricks tall are you?, What is your weight in Lego Bricks? and they can work on Lego mosaics on iPads. A staff member comes around and gives out a special LDC brick that you can take home and use with your Lego sets!

Legoland Discovery Center, Westchester Review! #Lego #travel #family #legoland

After a few minutes of exploring, groups are ushered onto a short queue for the Kingdom Quest ride. This attraction can ride 5 guests at a time as you cruise through the different sections and use your shooters to destroy the bad guys and save the princess at the end! This is very similar to the Ninjago ride at Legoland Florida, although minus the 3-D glasses! We loved this attraction, competing against each other for the best score and in the end rode this several times.

After a ride on Kingdom Quest, you pass through the LDC mini-land which is where iconic New York City scenes are recreated with Legos! My son loved the interactive Yankee Stadium (it was set up like a pinball machine) and baby girl loved pressing the button to make the band play in Central Park. I recommend trying to find the Lego guy with the jackhammer. Push his button, its hilarious!

Legoland Discovery Center, Westchester Review! #Lego #travel #family #legoland

After mini-land you enter the main area of the Lego Discovery Center. Here there are several exhibits your kids will love. On our recent visit we tried them all:

  • Little Man’s Favorite: Lego Racers, Build & Test. Here you use legos to create the best racecar. You can then test them on the racetrack! Little man’s car kept falling apart, so this was a good lesson in building and making something structurally sound! At one point I did have to drag him out of there to try something else.
  • Baby Girl’s Favorite: Lego Ninjago City Adventure (climbing structure). I mean what is not to love? This is a big indoor climbing play area. Perfect way to beat the summer heat!
  • Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. This is a full on amusement park ride, located right in the back of the LDC. Two riders per craft, kids under 3’ tall must be accompanied by a parent who is tall enough, and strong enough to actually pedal the ride!
  • 4D movie. We caught the 4D Lego Movie, but there were two other movies showing that day. The movies seem to run at about 15 minute intervals so plenty of opportunity to see one! PS the fourth dimension means being sprayed with water in the audience! We wore 3D glasses and the animation was awesome!Legoland Discovery Center, Westchester Review! #Lego #travel #family #legoland
  • Lego Friends. This area promotes the Lego Friends brand. There is a play kitchen and a karaoke area. We loved singing into the microphone to songs such as Call Me, Maybe and Umbrella!
  • Duplo Village – This is the area for the youngest guests, 5 and under. My kids did sneak a few rides down the tree house slide!
  • Ninjago – This is the newest area with fun, interactive Ninja games! Baby girl and I loved competing against each other in the giant touch screen game.
  • Master Builder Class – Every half hour or so a master builder class is offered. It is limited to 24 participants and is first come, first serve. On this trip, my kids were too distracted to sit down and focus on a class, but the other kids seemed to be enjoying this!

Inside the LDC there is a small snack bar. But since the LDC allows you to enter and re-enter, we left around 1pm to grab lunch at the Yard House next door. The Ridge Hill shopping center has many restaurants if you want to break for a meal.


We had such a great day at the Lego Discovery Center, I highly recommend a visit! I know we will be returning again in the near future!


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  1. Looks like such a fun place to visit. We have a Legoland in CA and my kids absolutely love spending time there. I like that you broke down the kids favorites. I find that to always be super helpful when we are planning trips.

  2. This looks really fun! I’ve never been to a Legoland before. I know my family would like it. Maybe when we go to Disney next June. The Merlin’s Apprentice sounds fun!

  3. We’ve been to Legoland in California and it was awesome! Would love to visit it in Florida too! I have one son who has always been obsessed with Legos! Legos are so fun!!!

  4. My kids love Legos. We went to Legoland in Florida when they were 8 and 9. It seemed like most of the activities and rides were for younger children. I’d recommended for kids maybe 4-7. I thought my boys had outgrown most of the things there.


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