Six Tips for Effective Project Management

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Momma To Go would like to thank Steelray Project Viewer for sponsoring this post! I love, love, love their tips for managing effectively! This post is essential for anyone from CEOs to those of us leading the PTA! Plus, blogging is so collaborative, I know most of us bloggers can apply these tips!


Project Managers need to have a specific set of skills to be successful, using a software like Steelray Project Viewer is key to successfully managing projects, budgets, and timelines.

A project manager is the point person within a company who handles the intricate details of a particular job. Typically they oversee large-scale projects with a diverse task force, a sizeable budget, the constraints of quick timelines, and compounding assignments. Since project managers juggle so many things at one time, they need to nimble, organized, and approachable.


Here are six tips to be successful as a project manager:

Six Tips for Effective Project Management #sponsored

Six Tips for Effective Project Management

Effectively communicate to every level of the organization – As the point person for a project, the project manager needs to speak knowledgeably and transfer ideas and information  about all aspects of the job. They need to listen and be able to hear the directive and put it into action. More importantly, project managers need to communicate in a manner understood at any level. Sophisticated details which rely on industry-specific vernacular for explanations have to be communicated so a third grader can understand it all. A project manager needs to be a wordsmith that can clearly articulate each phase of a project. If they do so successfully they will gain the respect of teammates and the admiration of clients.


Have confidence and lead with authority – Project Managers are expected to make quick and important decisions to ensure tasks are completed correctly, on time, within the set budget parameters. Confidence is key so time nor money are wasted in the decision-making process. Authority and confidence also radiate throughout a team.  


Hold regular status meetings – A key to effective project management is ensuring everyone is on the same proverbial page. Status meetings provide all team members the ability to express their concerns, voice their opinions about the ongoing tasks, and provide insight for future issues. More importantly, they help the project manager understand the workflow from the top down and make sure everyone is on task, on time, and again, always on budget.


Delegate responsibilities to the appropriate people – A successful project manager recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of their team members, and they also do not try to do all the work themselves. The art of delegation is an essential skill to achieve success as a project manager.


Record best practices – A lot of project management can be trial and error, so it is important to keep track of best practices and to share learned insight with the appropriate people on the team. Capturing best practices streamlines future projects and keeps budgets manageable.


Stay organized – The single most important job for a project manager is to keep all people, resources, and tasks organized. Since things are always changing, a useful project management software application, like Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), can help keep track of all aspects of a job. The main issue with Microsoft PPM is that while it is the most trusted project management software on the market, the cost to provide it to every team members can often be exorbitant. An excellent alternative is to use a Microsoft Project viewer such as Steelray Project Viewer.

Six Tips for Effective Project Management #sponsored



Steelray Project Viewer is a web-based software solution which allows multiple users to view .mpp files with all the same core views and data in schedules as they would in the parent software, but at a fraction of the cost because only the project manager needs to have Microsoft PPM. Steelray Project Viewer also has several enhancements adding functionality to workflows such as enhanced printing capabilities and the luxury of allowing users to relay their status updates to the project managers electronically. To make it as convenient as possible, Steelray Project Viewer is compatible with several different software solutions including; Microsoft Project 98 through 2016, Excel, Primavera .XER, and UN/CEFACT XML files.


Six Tips for Effective Project Management #sponsored http://www.mommatogo.comBrian Leach, Founder, and CEO of Steelray.


Brian Leach understands the importance of staying organized because he was a project manager at Cygnus Solutions and Red Hat after spending years as a developer for the likes of Motorola, IBM, and Ford Motor Company. Now he is the Founder and CEO of Steelray, and he relies on his years of experience to deliver a functional and practical solution helping other project managers maximize their efforts and streamline their resources. In fact, project managers within major corporations such as Nokia, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, and Nike use the Steelray Project Viewer to manage projects from inception to completion successfully.


Take a page from an expert like Brian who has been in the business for years; cut project costs while simultaneously increasing efficiencies by using the Steelray Project Viewer. When the software capabilities of Steelray Project Viewer are paired with the other skills above, you are surely on track to becoming a high-achieving project manager. You will begin to over deliver on expectations every time.


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Six Tips for Effective Project Management #sponsored


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  1. Oh thanks for this. I have been looking to move into a more senior role “manager” now I am graduating but I just felt not good enough I guess is the simple way to say it. These tips will help me if I decide to go that way

  2. Kim

    Though I’m taking a break from
    working outside the home, these tips are great for when I return. As a school counselor, these project management tips are still so useful!

  3. This is a great post – great tips. I no longer work outside the home (blessing and a curse) but can definitely see where I lack in certain areas and areas that I need to improve upon!


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