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Little man is about to finish second grade. Word on the street is that third grade is when things start to get real. There is a big jump for the kids in terms of academics, standardized testing and homework. I’ve also heard that third grade is when it is common for kids to start communicating electronically. Sending emails and texts, using iMessenger, stuff like that.

I’m not sure I’m ready for all of this!

My kids currently have wi-fi connected iPads, which they use to play games, watch pre-downloaded movies, and to watch videos on YouTube. We do not allow games that offer the option to play against real people, or communicate with others out in cyberspace. We carefully monitor what they watch on YouTube.

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Momma To Go would like to thank Steelray Project Viewer for sponsoring this post! I love, love, love their tips for managing effectively! This post is essential for anyone from CEOs to those of us leading the PTA! Plus, blogging is so collaborative, I know most of us bloggers can apply these tips!


Project Managers need to have a specific set of skills to be successful, using a software like Steelray Project Viewer is key to successfully managing projects, budgets, and timelines.

A project manager is the point person within a company who handles the intricate details of a particular job. Typically they oversee large-scale projects with a diverse task force, a sizeable budget, the constraints of quick timelines, and compounding assignments. Since project managers juggle so many things at one time, they need to nimble, organized, and approachable.


Here are six tips to be successful as a project manager:

Six Tips for Effective Project Management #sponsored http://www.mommatogo.com

Six Tips for Effective Project Management

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