Baby Girl and I would like to thank American Girl for hosting us to facilitate this honest review. As always, opinions are all my own.

On December 25, 2017, Santa came down our chimney  and left this under tree for baby girl:

Afternoon Tea at the American Girl Doll Store in New York City | American Girl Doll | American Girl Cafe | American Girl Doll Salon | American Girl Doll Clothes | American Girl Doll House | American Girl Cafe NYC | American Girl Doll Birthday Party | American Girl Doll Store Tips | American Girl Doll Store NYC | American Girl Doll Store New York City #AmericanGirl #NewYorkCity



And in her stocking, baby girl found this:


Afternoon Tea at the American Girl Doll Store in New York City | American Girl Doll | American Girl Cafe | American Girl Doll Salon | American Girl Doll Clothes | American Girl Doll House | American Girl Cafe NYC | American Girl Doll Birthday Party | American Girl Doll Store Tips | American Girl Doll Store NYC | American Girl Doll Store New York City #AmericanGirl #NewYorkCity


Talk about making a 6-year old girl’s Christmas wish come true! TIMES 2!!!!!


Baby girl was super excited to receive her Maryellen doll (and a starter wardrobe for her American Girl). And I, always up for an adventure, was pretty excited about heading into New York City for Afternoon Tea at the American Girl Cafe!

Afternoon Tea at the American Girl Doll Store in New York City | American Girl Doll | American Girl Cafe | American Girl Doll Salon | American Girl Doll Clothes | American Girl Doll House | American Girl Cafe NYC | American Girl Doll Birthday Party | American Girl Doll Store Tips | American Girl Doll Store NYC | American Girl Doll Store New York City #AmericanGirl #NewYorkCity

Afternoon Tea at the American Girl Cafe

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I feel a little bad because my son has been asking to go skiing for about four years (he is obsessed with Wii-Ski). But to me, a slight form of torture involves spending hard earned vacation money (and time) to spend more time in the cold. You all know I am a beach girl, and seek warm weather all winter long. But today, Claire is presenting both sides of the coin with her tips on how to plan your winter getaway like a pro!

And just maybe she will convince me that this is the year to in fact take little man to the slopes!

How to Plan your Winter Getaway | Vacation Planning Tips | Family Travel Tips | Winter Travel Tips | Best Winter Vacation Destinations | Winter Travel Packing | Winter Travel Destinations | Winter Travel Outfit | Winter Getaway Ideas | Winter Getaway Warm | Ski Vacation | Mountain Vacation | Spring Break Travel Ideas | Winter Getaway Warm #Travel #FamilyTravel
Photo by Sandra Mode on Unsplash, Photo by James Connolly on Unsplash


How to Plan Your Winter Getaway 

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Winter is here in New York, so our next trip to Hawaii has been on my brain. Last year we were fortunate enough to spend three weeks traveling to Maui and the Big Island. I’d say from the minute we flew back home, we have been mentally planning our next visit! Since I so often get asked about Hawaii trips, I am sharing with you my best Hawaii Planning Tips!

Hawaii Planning Tips | Hawaii Vacation Tips | Hawaiian Vacation | Maui Vacation | Maui with Kids | Hawaii with Kids | What to do in Hawaii | Hawaii inter-island flights | Hawaii Vacation Big Island | Big Island with Kids | Family Travel | Hawaii Travel Tips | Hawaii Travel Guide #Hawaii #Maui #Kona


Hawaii Planning Tips

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I adore my two kids more than anything, but I LOVE the rare occasion when the hubby and I can get away for a few nights. Unfortunately, it does not happen often — but when it does, my husband and I always head to the most un-kid-friendly places we can find! Hey, if I’m not traveling with my own kids, I don’t want to vacation with your kids either! Here are some of our favorite grown-up getaways.

A Day at the Vineyards

Image via Flickr by Spirit-Fire

Not just limited to Tuscany or Napa, you can find vineyards in many pockets of the United States. Without kids, hubby and I love to sneak away to our favorite local wineries for a night or two. We will leisurely visit several tasting rooms, followed by dinner at a nearby farm-to-table restaurant. Areas that serve vineyards tend to have great restaurants featuring local wines. Look to stay in a cute inn or Bed and Breakfast. Again, I love traveling with my little ones, but these types of accommodations tend to be for adults only!

A Trip to the Casino

Casinos have popped up all over the country, and many have hotels attached or nearby. Gambling is a fun, obviously adult-only activity, but gaming is not the only thing to during a casino trip. Casinos usually have great restaurants, nightlife, and shows. Many have shopping areas as well. You may be able to find a spa or indoor pool — and the best part? No little ones!

Overnight City Stay

I live right outside New York City. A few times a year, we do take our kids to Manhattan for a museum visit or a show. But escaping to the urban jungle without the strollers, not having to wrangle kids on public transportation, and not dealing with little ones whining about having to walk, makes an awesome adult-only trip! Book a night at a boutique hotel and the city is your oyster. Have a long, boozy lunch, hit the shops, or take in a grown-up museum or show. End the night listening to live music or staying out as late as you want!

Adults-Only Resort

If you can sneak away for more than one night, consider booking a trip to the parental promised land — an adults-only resort! That’s right, there are holiday destinations where kids are NOT ALLOWED! I honestly cannot think of a better way to truly unwind and decompress from our beloved parenting duties than to sit poolside with a frozen drink and a good novel. Enjoy a fancy meal without having to be home early to relieve the babysitter! Sleep in, be active — or not. A true break from being around children sounds like a wonderful vacation! And the best part… some real time to yourself will give you a chance to miss your little ones.

No matter what adults-only trip you choose, remember this one last important tip — be sure to bring back a little something for the kids AND for your trusted caregiver! These trips away are important for we parents to reconnect with our partner and recharge our batteries! Bon voyage!


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About Me, Travel

It feels so cliché to say I can’t believe 2017 is coming to a close, but it’s so true! I literally just sat down to write my 2016 travel recap and yeah, here it is a year later!

Despite a crazy, three-week long sickness, and working my tail off in the later part of this year, 2017 has been very good to me. Especially travel-wise. Which is definitely not coincidental. I have been on a mission to create the life I want to live – doing things I enjoy both personally and professionally. Which certainly includes the flexibility to be on the go!

Work-wise I continued to grow my math tutoring business, I worked all summer at camp and had the best time! Writing and creating this site has taught me so much, and I hope to really expand Momma To Go in 2018. My plan is to set some goals and get myself in a better working schedule balancing writing, social sharing and updating old posts. I’ve been learning more and more about SEO and hope to do some writing outside of Momma To Go!

Last year, at this same time, I recapped my 2016 travel year. A year, which brought a three-week trip to Hawaii, was hard to top, but we tried! So here is my 2017 Travel Year in Review!

2017 Travel Recap | Travel Year in Review | Travel Goals | Family Travel | Family Travel Tips | Family Vacation Planning | Florida Vacation Planning | 2017 Year in Review | #FamilyTravel #Travel

2017 Travel Recap:

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Baby Girl and I would like to thank Aquatica Orlando for providing us with two tickets to facilitate this honest review. As always, opinions are all my own.


My family loves visiting Orlando!  We are so lucky to have cousins who live there – to hang out with and explore all the city has to offer! In Orlando, we are always looking for new things to do, and I have had my eye on an Aquatica visit for a while.  I was so excited to be invited to check out this water park on my recent Florida trip!

The first week in November, baby girl and I were so fortunate to spend an entire Monday at Aquatica and we are so excited to share all our best Aquatica, Orlando tips with you all!

Aquatica Orlando Tips | Orlando, Florida | Orlando Theme Parks | Water parks | Orlando, Florida things to do | Orlando, Florida with kids | Orlando Florida Vacation | Aquatica Orlando with Toddlers #Orlando #Florida #ThemeParks


Aquatica Orlando Tips

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48 Hours in..., Travel

Back in 2003, I applied to work at an academic summer camp. I’m a math teacher after all. The application brochure came my way and one thing about the camp peeked my interest…


There was a site location in Honolulu, Hawaii.

So I applied for that.

And I was hired!

But when my paper work arrived, no Hawaii. I was slated to work somewhere in California called Santa Cruz.

Figuring I must have put California as my second choice site location, I then needed to figure out where the heck Santa Cruz was! Little did I know I would be spending the best three summers of my life in this funny, California beach town.

Last August I finally returned to this town I loved. I could not wait to revisit, reminisce and bring my kids to Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz California | California Vacation | California Road Trip |Santa Cruz Boardwalk | Things to do in California | Family Travel California | Family Vacation |Amusement Parks | Santa Cruz California Beaches | California Travel with Kids #California #SantaCruz #Travel #FamilyTravel

24 Hours in… Santa Cruz, California

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My little man has been traveling since he was born! When he was 3 months old I strapped him in a Baby Bjorn and took him on an Amtrak to DC. When he was 4 months old, he took his first flight, to Maine, to meet his paternal grandma! By his first birthday he had traveled to Raleigh, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Naples, Florida!

When we added baby girl to the mix, she completed our traveling clan!

So I don’t really stress about travel. I am a big believer in being calm, flexible and prepared. But it can be daunting for new parents to leave home with their young children. Today’s guest post talks about that very topic, how to keep family travel stress free and fun!

Stress Free Family Travel | Vacation Planning Tips | Family Travel Tips | Family Vacation | Travel with Kids | Travel with Toddlers | #Travel #FamilyTravel #TravelTips


Keeping a Lid on It: Stress-Busting Tips for Traveling With Young Children


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Stuff I Love, Travel

Our family loves Uber. We take it around town, to the airport, or when mom & dad are going out and there will be too much wine involved. It’s an easy, affordable way to ditch the car and have a comfortable ride at your fingertips.

Uber is also a great way to get around a new city! No need to worry about parking or traffic, and no need to navigate an unfamiliar, local, taxi system. The beauty of Uber is you know the price (or at least approximately) when you call the car, eliminating the age-old saga of taxi drivers ripping off tourists.

Back in August, when we travelled to California we took MANY Ubers. Between staying in downtown San Francisco, to wine tasting through the Central Valley, and even ditching the car to get to and from Disneyland in Anaheim. To start, taking Uber was definitely cheaper than renting a car in San Fran. But to save even more money, I discovered a GREAT Uber Money Saving tip, which I am so excited to share with you!

Uber Money Saving Tip! This tip allowed me to take a 14 CENT Uber ride! Money Saving Tips | Travel Tips | Travel Money Saving Tips | Vacation Tips | Save Money | Grocery Money Saving Tips | Grocery Shopping on a Budget #travel #moneysaving #budget #Uber



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Last summer, our clan was so fortunate to take three weeks to head to Hawaii. My husband had a month-sabbatical and to be honest, Australia was the original destination for this adventure. Last summer, with a four and seven year old, who had never ventured further than the Caribbean, we knew it wasn’t our time to go down under.

Oh but a trip to Oz is always on my mind. And we will get there someday! I want to dip my feet in the Indian Ocean, experience the Outback and lay on the beaches of the Gold Coast.  And no trip to Australia would be complete without venturing to the big cities! Since I still haven’t been, Claire (Australian native) is sharing with us her top 3 reasons to visit Melbourne with kids.

3 reasons to visit Melbourne with kids, written by an Australian native | Family Travel | Family Trip to Australia | Family Trip to Melbourne | Things to do in Melbourne | Things to do in Melbourne with Kids | Melbourne Activities | Melbourne Australia | Melbourne with Children | Melbourne with a toddler #travel #familytravel #Australia #Melbourne

Photo credit: 3B’s via Visualhunt / CC BY

3 Reasons to Visit Melbourne With Kids

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