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Last week, as I was completing a 9-mile run on the treadmill, I started brainstorming ideas for upcoming posts. I want to write about our trip to Legoland, I still have some Hawaii posts to put out and I need to write something about long flights with kids (I have awesome tips!!!). But, I realized, first and foremost, I must write my thoughts on training for a half-marathon.


Disclaimer: I have two successful half-marathons under my belt. I am currently training for my third, which is in two weeks. I am not a physician, nor am I a personal trainer. I am just sharing my amateur experience. I hope you realize that if I can do it, so can you!

Tips for training for your first (or next) half marathon!

Half-Marathon Training Tips

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I know this is the time of year for the New Year, New Me resolutions. I get it. I love the fresh start of the New Year. I probably should eat a little better in 2017. Cook a little more. Drink less wine & I legitimately am going to try to read more. But as far as fitness goes I’m in a pretty good groove. In 2016 I ran two half marathons (the Long Island Half Marathon and the AmeriHealth Atlantic City Half). I ran countless 5Ks, the Bellmore Striders 4th of July 4 miler, and the New Hyde Park 8K. I consistently worked out at least three times a week.

But it’s taken me years to get into my workout groove. And today I am going to share with you my NUMBER ONE tip for staying active.

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My #1 Fitness Tip to help you stay motivated and on track for your fitness goals!

My #1 Fitness Tip

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