Big Island Beaches

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It’s been over six months since we have traveled to Hawaii and not a day goes by where we don’t talk about that trip! It was truly amazing in every way you dream about a 3-week trip to this magical state. For me, the biggest highlight of the vacation was the incredible Big Island beaches.

A vacation to Hawaii took a lot of planning and I wanted to get the most out of our time on each island. I am so indebted to all the great blogs I read (check out my Hawaii Pinterest board for all things Aloha) and as always to Fodor’s Hawaii  for helping me plan our activities. I am so excited to share our best tips and help other folks plan their awesome Hawaiian adventures! Since launching this site, I have written about the best Maui activities, and a great itinerary if you are traveling the Road to Hana. Today I give you the best Big Island beaches.

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The best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Big Island Beaches

Hubby and I visited the Big Island with some friends over 10 years ago. The island of Hawaii is so interesting, with the strange juxtaposition of the gorgeous beaches and the black lava rocks that fill much of the terrain. It’s a rugged paradise and the unique landscape is the main attraction.

We were excited to return to the Big Island with the kids, especially my son who is so interested in science and nature. When you first arrive at the Kona international airport (read my best tips to save money on your inter-island flights here) and pull out of the car rental lot, this island is definitely not what you envisioned when you picture the south pacific. But don’t worry, there are a ton of incredible beaches to explore. Here are our favorites, and some helpful hints so you can plan your best Big Island trip!


Kahaluu Beach Park– We stayed in a townhouse in Keauhou (read my best tips for booking a vacation rental here) and this beach is located less than a mile from our house. On the big island, this was the first beach we visited. With all of our beach gear, we drove over and parked in the small lot. If the lot is full, there is street parking available.

This beach is also known as the Salt and Pepper beach. The sand is a mix of tan and black sand. Definitely unique.

The best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Salt and Pepper Sand

The sand is super cool, but the best part of this beach is the rocky shoreline where, when we went, we saw a ton of sea turtles! Remember, sea turtles feed off algae so rocky formations are generally a good place to try to see them.

Because of the rocks, getting into the water was a little tricky, but once you were in you could stand, swim and snorkel right along side the sea turtles. We brought our own snorkeling equipment to Hawaii, but you can rent gear through various outposts, including right at this beach.

I highly recommend stopping off at Kahaluu for a chance to see the sea turtles up close. But remember – in Hawaii, it is illegal to touch the turtles!



Kua BayThis was one of the top beaches I have ever been to. It was gorgeous! Beautiful views, clean sand, crystal clear water and a great boogy boarding spot.

The best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This beach is a little tricky to find. It is part of Kekaha Kai State Park. From Kona you take Highway 19 North and look for the turn off between mile markers 88 and 89. A 1.5 mile paved road will lead you down to the water. There is a parking lot (we were lucky enough to find a spot) but if the lot is full you can park along the side of the access road. There is a turnaround near the bathrooms so you can drop off your family (and stuff) and then go park.

To get on the sand, you have to descend a rocky area and a narrow path. Not a stroller or wheel chair friendly area. But if you can manage the walk, you will not be disappointed!




Magic Sands – Not to sound redundant, but this is also one of the top beaches I have ever been to! The sand is so white and soft, it lives up to its magical name! And it was very close to our condo in Keaheau located right on Ali’i Drive. There is no formal parking lot, but on our August visit, we easily found street parking.

At this beach we spent almost all of our time in the water, boogy boarding. The waves were big enough to be fun, but not too big. We literally spent hours on the boards!

The best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

After riding the waves, baby girl and I spent some time off on the north side of the beach, in the tide pools. Here we saw a few sea turtles (from a distance) and lots of fish. I want to head back to Kona just to return to this beach, it is one not to be missed!



Hapuna Bay – Hubby and I visited this beach back in 2005 and we were eager to return. Again, this is a gorgeous beach, and one of the biggest on the island. This beach is located in a state park, 25 miles north of the airport. There is a parking lot ($5 per vehicle), concession stands, and picnic tables.

Hapuna Bay has beautiful white sand, and is great for swimming and boogey boarding. This was also the perfect sand castle building spot. We had a great time digging and building here!

The best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Pro-tip: When you leave Hapuna Bay, head 3.8 miles north to the Original Big Island Shave Ice located in a tucked away trailer! The perfect post-beach treat!




The townhouse we stayed in came equipped with everything you might need for a day at the beach – beach towels, chairs, sand toys, even boogey boards! This is definitely a compelling reason to stay in a rental verses a hotel. Just check the rental’s listing to make sure they include these amenities!


Our beach rental also provided coolers of various sizes. In Keauhou we stocked up on groceries at the KTA and Safeway. To the beach we brought our own food – lunch, snacks and drinks. Some beaches had small concession stands, but some did not. I’d rather have my own food and not worry. Plus I am sure we saved money by packing our own food and drinks!


There are several places on the island where you can rent snorkeling gear. We brought our own to keep the cost down, and to guarantee we had clean equipment. The snorkels do take up some room in your luggage, but this was worth it and we always had our gear for whenever a snorkeling opportunity came up!

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Again when you arrive by air, its easy to wonder where the glorious beaches are, because all you can see are lava rocks for miles and miles! But this island has some of the best beaches in the world – warm and calm water make these choices perfect for families, couples, or anyone who loves a great day at the beach!

The best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

What are your favorite Big Island beaches?


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The best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.


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  1. Beautiful photos! I am now in summer mode for sure. And even if we are not traveling to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, I absolutely believe in packing your own food-cheaper and healthier!

    1. harmskills Author

      totally! we do that when we go to our local beach. We might do an ice cream treat at the concession stand, but we bring our own lunch, snacks and most importantly the waters that are like .20 each at costco! I keep a big case in my extra fridge.

  2. Looks amazing! I second bringing your own snorkel equipment – particularly with kids, it can be tough to find the right fit and it makes such difference to have properly fitting and comfortable masks without spending half an hour at a rental hut sorting through it all!

    1. harmskills Author

      Thats a good point! The “funny” thing is, on our snorkel boat tour to Molokini Island my snorkel broke off of my mask and I had to use their funky equipment (I was able to fix it later with a rubber band) and I was so grossed out but wasnt going to miss out on the snorkeling of a lifetime because of germ fear! Plus we had our kids practice with their own eqipment before we went to the boat tour and the big snorkeling destinations!

  3. Beautiful sharing. Hawaii beaches are just love! <3 . I enjoy that you go detailed in writing such as sharing that some beaches has small concessioners, so it's one big tip to actually bring your own food.

    Thanks and God Bless!
    JM Kayne

  4. It’s crazy how many beaches there are there. I didn’t go to any of those but went to some amazing ones, I am currently trying to compile my own list, in my Guide to Big Island, from when I went in June. These are some great choices. If I had had more time there I am sure I would’ve stumbled across them.

  5. Kelly

    So glad you guys had such a blast in Hawaii. This is a great guide because there are so many beachhes in Hawaii so it can be hard to find the right one. Thanks!

  6. Pia

    Have been to Maui two years ago and I was amazed already. If I ever have the chance to visit Hawaii again and have enough time for an Island hopping, I definitely will check out some of these beaches.

  7. I went to the Big Island back when I was a young girl. Such a beautiful island but unfortunately our whole family took turns being sick the whole time! One after another we all got sick… But still such a magical experience! All these beaches make me want to go back so bad!! 🙂

  8. Sounds great! I visited Kauai in 2003, and I remember the beach sand being very rough and tore up my knees while trying to swim in the tides. These look much softer! #Wkendtravelinspiration

  9. I always wanted to go to Hawaii . I almost moved there few years ago when I was single. My friends told me how beautiful Hawaii is. These is a great post and picture.

  10. Ann

    My friends always wanted me to visit Hawaii. Hawaii is on my bucketlist to go. I heard si much about how beautiful Hawaii is. Great post and photos , thank you for sharing.

  11. Hi i am constant visitor of your site.I always find some thing new here. There one more site which resembles you. But some functionalities are unique there. As fan of your wesite want such functionalities here too.

  12. We love the Big Island! It’s such a great and diverse landscape. Love the beaches you mentioned here. The only one we visited on this list was Hapuna. It was beautiful but a bit too crowded during our visit a couple of months ago. We also really liked Kiholo Bay where we saw some sea turtles and Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. Great tips too. Here’s hoping we both go back to Hawaii soon.

  13. I hope to go to Hawaii someday. My parents did an eleven-day cruise there a couple of years ago. Their pictures were so beautiful. These beaches are lovely. Thanks for writing about them!


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